Polish Picture Book Exhibition
Hall 5
9-12 November 11:00-20:00
Polish illustrated books for children always had outstanding quality and clearly recognizable distinctive esthetics. However, during the last period they became even better recognized and appreciated internationally. Masters like Marta Ignerska, Aleksandra Cieslak, Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinscy, Joanna Rzezak, Piotr Karski, Pawel Mildner, Iwona Chmielewska, Agata Dudek, Monika Hanulak, to name only a few, create books that are unique and outstanding in their quality.

The exhibition is organized within the framework of the POLISH DESIGN WEEK. The project has been co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland
A book that binds time.
The neoconstructivist buro.
Hall 6
10-11 November 12:00-20:00
Our notion of time changes catastrophically. Time shrinks, decreases, is getting digitized, is constantly lacking; sometimes it seems it has disappeared altogether. In the neo-constructivist manifesto the author of the project, Alexei Shinkarenko (Minsk, Belarus), speaks of a time of uncertainty as a time without a future. In this situation, familiar processes and concepts transform into something not permanent and not definite. Such changes carry a revolutionary type of energy similar to the constructivism of the 1920s that requires materialization in new objects and processes. Can this state be transmitted through a book? What will the book of uncertain time, a neo-constructivist book, look like? What is the role of the book in the changed time? Each visitor of the Bureau will be able to offer his answer to these questions, thereby participating in the design of a book which will be presented on the last day of the festival.
The competition »Best Book Design from all over the World«
Hall 11
12 November 17:00
Unique of its kind in the world, the annual book design competition “Best Books from all over the World” has been held in Leipzig since 1963. Since 1991 the Stiftung Buchkunst in Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig has been responsible for overseeing it. The international competition assesses books which have previously been judged and singled out for merit by specialist panels in their respective countries of origin.
An independent international jury convenes every year in February in Leipzig with the task of selecting fourteen outstandingly designed books from about 700 of the best books from more than 30 countries: the best of the best. 14 awards are placed at the jury’s disposal whereof the “Goldene Letter” is the highest one, followed by one gold medal, two silver medals, five bronze medals and five honorary appreciations. The award ceremony and reception takes place at the Leipzig Book Fair on March at the exhibition booth of the Stiftung Buchkunst.
Up till now, Georgia has not participated in this competition. In 2017, the Book Art Center Tbilisi announces the Georgian National Competition “Best Designed Books From Georgia”. The books will be selected by an international Jury during the Tbilisi Book Days 2017 and submitted to the international competition, to be exhibited in Frankfurt in 2018.
The King Who Could Not Laugh:
Georgian illustration exhibition
Hall 5
9-12 November 11:00-20:00
In 2015, the leading Swiss children’s publisher NordSüd, Zürich, and the Book Art Center Tbilisi started a joint project aimed to promote young Georgian illustrators and their work. 14 Georgian Illustrators illustrated 21 Georgian fairy tales during a workshop conducted at the Book Art Center by Austrian artist and illustrator Linda Wolfsgruber. The project was supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Goethe Institute Tbilisi.
We are now happy to present the result: an exhibition of the illustrations and a collection of Georgian fairy tales published by NordSüd Publishers with kind support from the Georgian National Book Center and the Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection.
The Book: Der König, der nicht lachen konnte. Märchen aus Georgien. Translated from Georgian by Heinz Fähnrich, Otar Karalashvili and Sebastian Minkner. NordSüd Verlag AG, Zürich 2017
The illustrators: Elene Chichashvili / Khatia Chitorelidze / Levan Chogoshvili / Ana Chubinidze / Sonia Eliashvili / Varlam Jmukhadze / Otar Karalashvili / Sopo Kirtadze / Natia Kvaratskhelia / Mai Lashauri / Zura Mchedlishvili / Tatia Nadareishvili / Tamar Nadiradze / Eka Tabliashvili
Special thanks to: Herwig Bitsche, Romana Küpfer and Jan Kermes from NordSüd Publishers, Irine Chogoshvili and Medea Metreveli from the Georgian National Book Center, Stephan Wackwitz, Natia Mikeladze and Tamta Gochitashvili from the Goethe Institute Tbilisi, to Linda Wolfsgruber, to all participating artists and to the team of the Book Art Center Tbilisi.
New Georgian Photobooks
Hall 6
9-12 November 11:00-20:00
Over the recent several years Georgian artists and photographers get more and more interested in the medium of the photobook. In 2017 we experienced a rapid development in this field of art. In cooperation with Gallery Container, the Book Art Center Tbilisi presents an exhibition of photobooks by 20 Georgian artists and photographers.
Participating artists:
Mariam Amurvelashvili / Andro Eradze / Atu Gelovani / Natela Grigalashvili / Anka Gujabidze / Otar Karalashvili / Tinatin Kiguradze / Tina Kazakhishvili / Rita Khachaturiani / Levan Kherkheulidze / Vakho Khetaguri / Sopho Lapiashvili / Lado Lomitashvili / Iuri Mechitov / Data Patatishvili / Elen Sheibakh / Tina Siradze / Giorgi Tsagareli / Guram Tsibakhashvili
Giorgi (Giglo) Karalashvili
National Archives of Georgia
Hall 6
9-12 November 11:00-20:00
The photographs of the Georgian military officer Giorgi (Giglo) Karalashvili (1844-1924) were first presented to the general public at an exhibition organized by the EU and the National Archives of Georgia. Even the few images shot in the beginning of 1900-es, which were selected for the exhibition from the National Archives collection, are clear evidence that we are facing a master of photography. Giorgi (Giglo) Karalashvili can now be recognized for his important role in the history of Georgian photography.
The format of the photos is 4.5X10.7 - a so-called Verascope format - that had a wide practical use. The cameras which took this kind of stereo photos were expensive. However, they were very convenient: the small-sized, lightweight cameras produced high-quality images and attracted less attention.
Obviously, Karalashvili travelled a lot in Europe. His photo legacy includes around 900 stereo slides and stereo negatives that were shot in Georgia, Asia and other parts of Europe. Despite the fact that photography was not his profession, his works are at the level of the professional photographer. Karalashvili’s photography freely flows into the context of European photography of the beginning of the century. Furthermore, his artistic vision is contemporary, and fits with the starting period of modernist époque.
Trash Diary:
Artist book / Photo / Eco project
Hall 6
9-12 November 11:00-19:00
I am going to collect my trash every day, and take pictures of it every evening. For me, these photos will be a kind of documentation. The photos shall be collected over a year to form an Artist book “Diary of trash”, consisting of 365 pages. This project is very important for me and I would like to actualize this topic one time again, and to invite viewers to dialogue.
The exhibition shows natural size prints (160x200 cm) of the photos taken and a working version of the book. Work in progress.
No Reason to Be Offended:
New Polish Illustration.
Hall 5
9-12 November 11:00-20:00
Within the framework of te POLISH DESIGN WEEK, with generous support from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, we present an exhibition of illustrations by 20 Polish illustrators from the book: Patryk Mogilnicki. Nie ma się co obrażać. Nowa polska ilustracja. Karakter Publishers, Kraków 2017

Patryk Mogilnicki invited 22 Polish illustrators to show their best works.In the book illustrators tell about their inspirations and the details of their work. The publication includes more than 400 illustrations and their self portraits as well.

The exhibition features works of 19 illustrators. The book shall be presented to the Georgian audience by its publisher, Przemek Debowski

Karol Banach / Dominik Cymer / Barbara Dziadosz / Zosia Dzierżawska / Ania Goszczyńska / Daniel Gutowski / Gosia Herba / Tymek Jezierski / Izabela Kaczmarek-Szurek / Jan Kallwejt / Bartek Arobal Kociemba / Michał Loba / Agata Marszałek / Paweł Mildner / Patryk Mogilnicki / Ola Niepsuj / Maciej Sieńczyk / Marianna Sztyma / Magda Wolna