• About the Festival
    The Children’s Book, Illustration and Book Art Festival within the framework of the Tbilisi Book Days is curated and organized by the Book Art Center Tbilisi. The festival offers an extensive cultural, educational and public program. While working on our program, we pursued many goals at once.
  • Public awareness and attitude
    Our aim is to make the exciting world of international children’s book illustration accessible for Georgian children (and their parents and teachers), to encourage them to try out different possibilities of reading and different approaches to children’s literature, to enjoy new contents and forms of artistic expression. We want to initiate a discussion about the social, educational, political, cultural role of children’s books in society, to develop consciousness for quality standards and content valuation of children’s books, to stimulate the professional development of publishing professionals, to foster knowledge and experience exchange, to raise public interest for quality children’s books. International picture book and children’s book illustration exhibitions are accompanied by a diverse international program of readings, creative children’s activities and public lectures.

    We want to give young Georgian book artists the opportunity to become more visible and better appreciated nationally and internationally. We believe in their creative potential and want to encourage and support them in their work. A big exhibition of Georgian children’s book illustration will show their work to Georgian public and to Georgian and international publishing professionals.

    We also prepared an extensive program for those who are (or may become) interested in book art and book design. It is our belief that creating (and appreciating) good children’s books is impossible without involving yourself into the world of artist’s books. Our visitors will be able to see some very fine samples of the work of many Georgian and international artists who will participate at the festival.
  • Education and professional development
    We believe there is vast creative potential in Georgia in the sphere of book illustration and book art. We want to contribute to the education and professional development of young Georgian book artists and illustrators, to introduce them to the working processes and interrelations in modern publishing, to stimulate their creative development, to offer them new prospects of education and professional activity, and to teach them evaluate their work in an international context, to try out new possibilities of informal education.

    We organized workshops lead by renowned international experts from the publishing and education sector in cooperation with international artists, designers and illustrators, public lectures, and international exhibitions as a source of inspiration and a quality standard.
  • Cultural exchange, networking and international cooperation
    We think a full-scale cultural exchange and creative cooperation between North and South, between East and West is crucially important. We see Georgia’s status as special guest at Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 as a chance to exchange cultural, but also human and civic values, to build bridges, and to involve our close and remote neighbors in the process.

    We are convinced children’s books are valuable in this respect because it is about the upbringing of future generations, about sustainability and the development of a common basis of values and attitudes. We want to promote regional and international exchange of opinions and experience with regard to development strategies in the children’s publishing sector, to initiate an international/regional network of young book artists and illustrators and to develop a joint – or, at least, coordinated – approach to an informal education program for them; to encourage communication between young artists from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, to promote networking between them and colleagues from Western Europe and to develop joint working projects and programs.

    Jointly with the Georgian National Book Center, we organize a discussion panel with leading international experts in order to discuss strategies of developing the Georgian book Sector. We have invited prominent book artists, illustrators, teachers, and publishing professionals with workshops, public lectures, and presentations. We also have invited young artists from the Ukraine and from Iran to participate in our international workshops.

    An important component of our program will be networking, informal meetings with colleagues in the evenings during the festival between creative workers, education specialists, curators, state actors, cultural institutions and publishers.
  • The Curators
    The Book Art Center Tbilisi, an NGO founded by young Georgian illustrators and book artists, aims to promote the development of book illustration, book design and book art in Georgia. Currently, about 20 young illustrators and book designers are working at the studio the Book Art Center has established with support from the Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument protection and dvv international. Since 2009, the members of the group have created over 50 original illustrated books, of which 10 have been published in Georgia. The books were exhibited at book fairs in Tbilisi, Frankfurt, Leipzig, London, Bologna, and Kiev. The Book Art Center is regularly organizing summer and winter schools, workshops, master classes, seminars, artist talks, and lectures on book art, illustration, typography, book design, book publishing, and related topics, as well as exhibitions, public presentations and events.

    Otar Karalashvili,
    Book Art Center Tbilisi